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Dr Susmitha Shyamsundar

Dean Phonology, Language Acquisition,... View Profile

Dr Anupama A P

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My scholarship appears in Film Studies, Spectators... View Profile

Dr Tannistha Dasgupta

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Cognitive fluency in L2 speaking... View Profile

Dr Rasheda Parveen

Assistant Professor English in India, Cultural Studies, History of Ide... View Profile

Dr Sudesh Manger

Assistant Professor Translation Studies, Nepali Literature, History of... View Profile

Dr Nusrat Begum

Assistant Professor Linguistic landscaping, Research writing, Advertis... View Profile

Dr Raghavi Ravi Kasthuri

Assistant Professor Graphic Medicine, Health Humanities and Comics Stu... View Profile

Dr Arenkala Kichu

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching (ELT), English for Speci... View Profile

Dr Naveen Cherupelly

Assistant Professor Sociology... View Profile

Dr Suresh Jagannadham

Assistant Professor Contemporary and Modern Hindi Literature, Tribal D... View Profile

Dr Tania Chakravarty

Assistant Professor Social History of Modern India, Economic History o... View Profile

Dr Ann Mary George

Assistant Professor My area of interest include study of Stardom and f... View Profile

Dr Thahiya Afzal

Assistant Professor Food as Culture, Culture and Identity... View Profile

Dr Joseph Alugula

Assistant Professor International Relations, Political Theory... View Profile

Mr Dheeraj Kumar

Assistant Professor French... View Profile

Dr Deepjoy Katuwal

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching and South Asian Culture ... View Profile

Ms Kanaka Himabindu Pottumuthu

Assistant Professor Social Anthropology... View Profile

Dr Priyanka Ghosh

Assistant Professor Political Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation and D... View Profile

Dr Anindita Shome

Assistant Professor English,South Asian Diasporic literary and cultura... View Profile

Dr Shubhra Ghoshal

Assistant Professor Theatre of the Oppressed (TO)... View Profile

Dr Sanjit Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Philos... View Profile

Dr Rakhi N K

Assistant Professor Syntax and Morphology, Text and corpus Linguistics... View Profile

Dr Ankita Swetaparna

Assistant Professor Discourse Analysis... View Profile

Dr Chandan Vishwas

Assistant Professor French Language and Literature... View Profile