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Dr Jagadish Mudiganti

Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Ravindra Dhuli

Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sumesh EP

Professor Signal and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligen... View Profile

Dr Kalyan Chakravarthi Maddikera

Associate Professor Dr. M.Kalyan Chakravarthi working as an Senior Ass... View Profile

Dr John Pradeep Darsy

Associate Professor Electronics and communication engineering... View Profile

Jayendra kumar

Associate Professor Jayendra Kumar is currently working as an Associat... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Sinha

Associate Professor Electronics engineering... View Profile

Dr Nuthakki Venkata Rajasekhar

Associate Professor Design and Analysis of planar Antennas for 5G Comm... View Profile

Dr Y. V. Pavan Kumar

Associate Professor Microgrids, Smart Grids, Classical & Modern Contro... View Profile

Dr Rohit Lorenzo

Associate Professor Low Power VLSI Design, Memory Design and CMOS VLSI... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Lakshman Kumar Moganti

Associate Professor Highly committed Associate Professor with more tha... View Profile

Dr Samineni Peddakrishna

Associate Professor Embedded Systems, Machine learning, Antennas... View Profile

Dr Purnachand Nalluri

Associate Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile


Associate Professor Periodic antenna, Compact Antenna, Wearable wirele... View Profile

Dr Umakanta Nanda

Associate Professor VLSI Design... View Profile

Dr Neeraj Kumar Misra

Associate Professor Dr. Neeraj Kumar Misra is an Associate Professor i... View Profile

Dr M Sucharitha

Associate Professor Image processing ,Machine Learning, Deep Learning,... View Profile

Dr Lakhan Dev Sharma

Associate Professor Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Machine Le... View Profile

Dr Sameeulla Khan Md

Associate Professor Signal Processing, Image and Video Processing... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Kandala NVPS

Associate Professor Rajesh N V P S Kandala currently works at VIT-AP U... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Sharma

Associate Professor My research interest includes Biomedical Signal Pr... View Profile

Dr Sudha Ellison Mathe

Associate Professor IoT, PQC, Front-end VLSI Architecture Design, ASIC... View Profile

Dr Sunny Dayal Vanambathina

Associate Professor Speech enhancement, machine learning, blind source... View Profile

Dr Anoop Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor Wireless Communication, Hybrid Channel Modeling, R... View Profile

Dr Anamika Lata

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Area of research : Transducer Design, Instrumentat... View Profile

Dr Ajay Dagar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Research Interests include Acoustic Signal Process... View Profile

Dr Mohan Bansal

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Area of Research: Signal Processing and Machine Le... View Profile

Mohit Kumar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale My research interests are in signal processing, ti... View Profile

Dr Chandan Nayak

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Adaptive Signal Processing, Digital Signal Process... View Profile

Dr Atul S M Tripathi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Organic Flexible Electronics,low Power CMOS VLSI D... View Profile

Dr Srinivas Kankanala

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Image Processing, Image Enhancement, Optimization ... View Profile

Dr Siva Ramakrishna P

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale VLSI Architectures for IoT Security & Artificial I... View Profile

Dr Manish Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Organic Electronics, Micro/nanoelectronics, Electr... View Profile

Dr Subhasish Mahapatra

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Control strategies for Autonomous Underwater Vehic... View Profile

Dr Bharath Reddy Gudibandi

Assistant Professor Antenna design, Microwave Engineering... View Profile

Dr Suseela Vappangi

Assistant Professor Wireless Communication, Visible Light Communicatio... View Profile

Dr Khairnar Vikas Vishnu

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave Engineering, Design and Developme... View Profile

Dr Chandan Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor Modeling and simulation of semiconductor devices l... View Profile

Dr Pradosh Ranjan Sahoo

Assistant Professor Control System... View Profile

Dr Neha Gupta

Assistant Professor Satellite Image Processing, Multispectral Image An... View Profile

Dr Muthu Krishnammal

Assistant Professor Electronics and Communication Engineering... View Profile

Dr Praveen Maurya

Assistant Professor MEMS sensor... View Profile

Dr Swati Joshi

Assistant Professor Silicon Photonics, Optical Interconnects, Optoelec... View Profile

Dr Sayyed Faizan Ali

Assistant Professor Sensor Design, Sensor Optimization, MEMS, Wireless... View Profile

Dr Chillu Naresh

Assistant Professor Automation through PLC controllers, Nanoparticle s... View Profile

Dr Chandu Ds

Assistant Professor RF and Microwave Devices... View Profile

Dr Smak Azad

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Ashish Gupta

Assistant Professor Digital Signal Processing,Digital Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Naveen Cheggoju

Assistant Professor Signal processing, Image compression, Computer Vis... View Profile

Dr Sambhudutta Nanda

Assistant Professor Microwave Engineering, Antennas, Machine learning ... View Profile

Dr Vinod Kiran Kappala

Assistant Professor Free Space Optics (FSO) Communication... View Profile

Dr Mahesh M

Assistant Professor Wireless communications and networks... View Profile

Dr Saladi Saritha

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, medical... View Profile

Dr Abdul Kayom Md Khairuzzaman

Assistant Professor Image Segmentation, Metaheuristic Optimization, Sw... View Profile