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Dr B N Jagadesh

Professor Digital Image Processing, Medical Image Analysis, ... View Profile

Dr Eswaraiah Rayachoti

Professor Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Anil Vitthalrao Turukmane

Professor Computer Science Cybernetics... View Profile

Dr Muneeswari G

Professor Operating Systems and Multicore Architecture... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Reddy Challa

Professor Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence... View Profile

Dr Seetha Hari

Professor Interested in Data Mining,Large Data Classificatio... View Profile

Dr Manoj Gupta

Professor Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Wireless C... View Profile

Dr Suresh Dara

Professor Machine learning, Soft computing, Deep learning... View Profile

Dr Reeja S R

Professor Research Areas: Machine learning, Computer Vision,... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Vatambeti

Professor Computer Networks, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Informa... View Profile

Dr Srinivasa Reddy Konda

Professor Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Venkata Lakshmi Dasari

Professor Machine Learning and NLP... View Profile

Dr Sachi Nandan Mohanty

Professor Data mining, Big Data Analysis, Cognitive Science,... View Profile

Dr V C Bharathi

Associate Professor Image and Video Processing, Pattern Recognition, D... View Profile

Ganesh Reddy Karri

Associate Professor cyber security, network security and cloud computi... View Profile


Associate Professor Software Engineering, HCI, Data Analytics, Busines... View Profile

Dr Kuppusamy P

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Deep Learning... View Profile


Associate Professor Computer Science and Engineering and its allied st... View Profile

Dr Gopikrishnan Sundaram

Associate Professor Wireless Sensor Networks,Internet of Things (IoT),... View Profile

Dr Hari Kishan Kondaveeti

Associate Professor Image Processing, IoT, Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Sibi Chakkaravarthy S

Associate Professor Targeted Attacks and its mitigation techniques... View Profile

Dr Jonnadula Harikiran

Associate Professor Computer Science and Engineering... View Profile

Dr Rama Satish Aravapalli

Associate Professor Data Mining and Warehousing, Machine Learning, Dee... View Profile

Dr Azees M

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Cryptography and network security... View Profile

Dr Abirami S P

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, Ar... View Profile

Dr B. Misha Chandar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Signal Pro... View Profile

Dr Rohit Kumar Das

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My complete information can be found at https://ro... View Profile

Dr Tauseef Khan

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Patter... View Profile

Dr Subrata Tikadar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Human-Computer Interaction: Affective Computing, L... View Profile

Dr M M Venkata Chalapathi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Artificial Intelligence, Ensemble Learning, Data A... View Profile

Dr S Sudheer Mangalampalli

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Cloud Computing, Fog and Edge Computing, Task Sche... View Profile

Dr SK Mahmudul Hassan

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Le... View Profile

Dr Monali Bordoloi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale NLP, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Sentiment A... View Profile

Dr Syed Khasim

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Expertise in Data Science, Deep Learning, Image Pr... View Profile

Dr Nihar Ranjan Pradhan

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Blockchain, DApp, P2P Energy Trading, IPFS, Ethere... View Profile

Dr Ramkumar D

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Computer Science and Engineering... View Profile

Dr Maruthi Venkata Chalapathi Mukkoti

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Ensemble Learning, Human Computer Interaction, Dat... View Profile

Dr D Sudheer

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Currently working as Assistant Professor Senior gr... View Profile

Dr Abhijit Adhikari

Assistant Professor Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Th... View Profile

Dr Koteswararao Ch

Assistant Professor Computer Science and Engineering... View Profile

Dr Arikumar K S

Assistant Professor Wireless Sensor Networks, Machine Learning, and Io... View Profile

Dr Kolluri Rajesh

Assistant Professor Synthesis algorithms for Digital Microfluidic Bioc... View Profile

Dr Nitesh Funde

Assistant Professor Smart Grids, Data Analytics, Internet of Things... View Profile

Ms Mukul Majhi

Assistant Professor Secure mechanism for image retrieval... View Profile

Dr Radha Mohan Pattanayak

Assistant Professor Supervised and Un-supervised Learning, High Order ... View Profile

Dr Shaik Kareemulla

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks, Security in Wireless networks, ... View Profile

Dr Lalitha P

Assistant Professor Data Mining and machine learning... View Profile

Dr Sudhakar T

Assistant Professor Cryptography and Network Security, Authentication ... View Profile

Dr Arunkumar Gopu

Assistant Professor Soft computing, bio inspired algorithms, Multi Obj... View Profile

Dr Asish Dalai

Assistant Professor Network Security... View Profile

Ms Deepthi Godavarthi

Assistant Professor Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Cryptograp... View Profile

Dr Mohamed Iqbal M

Assistant Professor Social Network Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learnin... View Profile

Dr Sandipan Maiti

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Big data... View Profile

Dr Udit Narayana Kar

Assistant Professor Computer Networks, Internet of Things, Advanced Ce... View Profile

Dr Arunkumar Balakrishnan

Assistant Professor Cryptography,Blockchain,Computer Networks... View Profile

Mr Sai Sambasiva Rao Bairaboina

Assistant Professor Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Sagar Dhanraj Pande

Assistant Professor AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning... View Profile

Dr Selva Kumar S

Assistant Professor Data Science, Machine Learning, Elastic optical ne... View Profile

Dr B S Chandana

Assistant Professor Hyperspectral Image Analysis... View Profile

Dr Prashanth Ragam

Assistant Professor Internet of Things, Machine Learning Algorithms... View Profile

Dr Nagendra Panini Challa

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Image P... View Profile

Dr Lokesh Bommareddy

Assistant Professor Software defined networks... View Profile

Dr Mohamed Sirajudeen

Assistant Professor Computer Science Cybernetics... View Profile

Dr Nileshchandra Pikle

Assistant Professor Paralell Computing... View Profile

Dr Sumathi Doraikannan

Assistant Professor Interest towards AI,ML ,DL AND NLP... View Profile

Ms Afiya Parveen Begum Begum

Assistant Professor Image processing, ML and DL... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Duvvuru

Assistant Professor Computer Science and Engineering... View Profile

Mr Pramod Kumar

Assistant Professor Software reliability, mathematical modelling,... View Profile

Dr Somyaranjan Sahoo

Assistant Professor Cybersecurity, Big data security, IoT security, So... View Profile

Dr Afzal Shahid

Assistant Professor Computer Science and Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sanket Mishra

Assistant Professor Working in area of stream processing, complex even... View Profile

Dr Arindam Dey

Associate Professor G Fuzzy sets and fuzzy system and fuzzy logic... View Profile