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Prof Suripeddi Srinivas

Professor Mathematical Modelling, Fluid Dynamics, Heat and M... View Profile

Dr Madhusudhana Rao N

Professor Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor, Solar Energy materi... View Profile

Dr Paramasivam R

Professor Powder Technology, Minerals & Materials Process Te... View Profile

Dr Senthil K

Professor Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Energy Storage ... View Profile

Dr Sudhakar Pandey

Associate Professor My area of research is Theoretical condensed matte... View Profile

Dr Ramana Tamminana

Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Selvakumar Karuthapandi

Associate Professor We work with organometallic compounds of main grou... View Profile

Dr Santanu Mandal, (email: [Former Dean: School of Advanced Sciences(2019-2023) and Former HoD Mathematics(2017-2022) at VIT-AP University, India]

Associate Professor Chaotic Dynamics, Neural Networks, Artificial Neu... View Profile

Dr Nagaprasad Puvvada

Associate Professor Nano Design, Disease based nanomedicine like cance... View Profile

Dr Venkata Rajanikanth Machavaram

Associate Professor Fibre Optic Sensors, Laser-Based Microfabrication,... View Profile

Dr Virendra Kumar Verma

Associate Professor Multiferroic Materials, Dilute Magnetic Semiconduc... View Profile

Dr Ramakanth Illa

Associate Professor Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Colloids... View Profile

Dr Sudhakar Matle

Associate Professor CFD analysis and computing... View Profile

Dr Rajarshi Sarkar

Assistant Professor (Grade-III) Dr. Rajarshi Sarkar is a scientist with more than ... View Profile

Dr Nagarjuna Neella

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Nanoscale Engineering and Electronics... View Profile

Dr Soumen Kundu

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Area of Research: Mathematical Modeling... View Profile

Dr Varunkumar Merugu

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Biomechanics, CFD, Mathematical Modelling, Mass Tr... View Profile


Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Dr. Danish is currently working as an Assistant Pr... View Profile

Dr Karunakar Perumandla

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Dr. Karunakar Perumandla received Ph.D. from NIT R... View Profile

Dr Gaddam Sharat

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) My research specialization includes: Partial Diffe... View Profile

Dr Satyendra Singh Chauhan

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Fluid Dynamics (Blood Flow, Solute Dispersion Proc... View Profile

Dr Anshul Gopal

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Area of Research: Nature Inspired Optimization Alg... View Profile

Dr Kottu Durga Prasad

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Mathematical Biology, Dynamical Systems... View Profile

Dr Santanu Nandi

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Dr. Santanu Nandi is an Assistant Professor at VIT... View Profile

Dr Dibyendu Sekhar Mandal

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Mathematical Biology.... View Profile

Dr Kottala Panduranga

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Wave-structure interaction, Hydroelasticity... View Profile

Dr Nimai Sarkar

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Qualitative study on Integral & Integro differenti... View Profile

Dr Ankit Yadav

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My research interest is in Geometry and Topology. ... View Profile

Dr Habiba Khatun

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Area of research: Statistical inference... View Profile

Dr Sharma Priya R

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Professional research mathematician focusing on co... View Profile

Dr Prakash S

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Hydrodynamic Stability... View Profile

Dr Sonali Kaushik

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Partial-Integro Differential Equations, Infinite s... View Profile

Dr Sanjeev Kumar Sharma

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My research interest lies in the area of Nonlinear... View Profile

Dr Rajashree Naik

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) My research interests are on environmental science... View Profile

Dr Shobhit Kumar Srivastava

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Non-linear Wave Propagation Involving Hyperbolic S... View Profile

Dr Manisha Maity

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Differential equations and its applications in sei... View Profile

Dr Gokulnath M

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Bapuji Sahoo

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Numericals to PDE, Rotating fluid flow, Heat Trans... View Profile

Dr Chiranjeev Kumar Shahu

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Differential Equations; Mathematical physics; Magn... View Profile

Dr Swati Mishra

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) This is Dr. Swati Mishra, Assistant Professor Grad... View Profile

Dr Siva G

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Biostatistics - Classification Techniques, ROC ana... View Profile

Dr Shalini Thakur

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Non-linear Optimization, Multi-time Variational, G... View Profile

Dr Satyanarayana Badeti

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Manoj Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale I am working in the field of heat and mass transfe... View Profile

Dr Sinuvasan Rangasamy

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Integrable Systems... View Profile

Dr Satyanarayana Moru

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Electrochemistry, Nanostructured Materials, Biosen... View Profile

Dr Vivek Kumar Srivastav

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Methods, B... View Profile

Dr Sachil Sharma

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Materials Chemistry: (1) Monodispersed Metal/metal... View Profile

Dr Ravi Kumar Davala

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale My research area is NUMBER THEORY... View Profile

Dr Prabhakaran Thandapani

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Magnetoelectric polymer nanocomposite films; Magne... View Profile

Dr A Manimaran

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Data Science... View Profile

Dr Muneeswaran Muniyandi

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Expertise in Ferroelectrics and multiferroics... View Profile

Dr Yada Nandukumar

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Nonlinear Dynamics, Convective instabilities, Turb... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Prasad Panda

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Graph Theory, Algebraic Combinatorics... View Profile

Dr Sukanta Nayak

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Numerical Analysis... View Profile

Dr Subbaiah Muthu Prabhu

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Highly experienced in the field of adsorption, Pho... View Profile

Dr Dasaradha Ramarao S

Assistant Professor (Senior Grade) Single crystals to Nano-materials.... View Profile

Dr Naraveni Rajashekar

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Raja V

Assistant Professor Graph Theory... View Profile

Dr Debajit Goswami

Assistant Professor Phase transitions, Biological Physics... View Profile

Dr Nadiminti Nagamani

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Sandhya Sadanandan

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Vasili B V Nagarjuna

Assistant Professor Experienced in Statistical analysis... View Profile

Dr Pratheep Kumar

Assistant Professor Solid state chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Phy... View Profile

Dr V V Sreenivasu Mummidivarapu

Assistant Professor UV-Vis, Fluorescence, NMR, Mass,... View Profile

Dr Tufan Ghosh

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials, Photovoltaics, Graphene, Spectrosco... View Profile

Dr Peeyush Singh

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics , numerical methods of partial... View Profile

Dr Parth Mukeshbhai Shah

Assistant Professor Dynamical Systems, Cosmology, Modified Gravity... View Profile

Dr Aswathy R K

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Chandan Kumar Thakur

Assistant Professor Transport processes inside a porous medium, analys... View Profile

Dr Parbati Sahoo

Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics,Differential equations, cosmol... View Profile

Dr Kingshuk Sarkar [ Email:]

Assistant Professor Spintronics, Quantum Transport, Superconductivity... View Profile

Dr Ritu Dhankhar

Assistant Professor Complex Analysis, Geometric Function Theory, Appro... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Chalasani

Assistant Professor Materials Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Avadhesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Impulsive differential equation, Fractional and de... View Profile

Dr Ritambhara Sharma

Assistant Professor Supramolecular Chemistry, Organic Synthesis, Metal... View Profile

Prof Triveni Rajashekhar Mandlimath

Assistant Professor Nanomaterials for catalysis, photocatalysis, elect... View Profile

Dr Anubendu Adhikary

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile


Assistant Professor Quantum Materials - Quantum spin liquid, Spin Ice ... View Profile

Dr Lisna P C

Assistant Professor Graph Theory and Applications... View Profile

Dr Sudarshan V

Assistant Professor Manganites, Microbolometer, Zn ion Batteries... View Profile

Prof Pratik P Ray

Assistant Professor Cosmology, Modified theories of Gravity, Theoretic... View Profile

Dr Dripta De Joarder

Assistant Professor Total synthesis of biologically active natural pro... View Profile

Dr Vemula Ramakrishna Reddy

Assistant Professor Hydrodynamic Stability... View Profile

Dr Kiran Kumar Patra

Assistant Professor Computational Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Kotnana

Assistant Professor Magnetic and magnetocaloric materials... View Profile

Dr Venkatrajam Marka

Assistant Professor I work in the area of Algebraic Coding Theory and ... View Profile

Dr Narendra Dutta

Assistant Professor Atomic and Molecular Physics, Spectroscopy, Quantu... View Profile

Dr Debakanta Tripathy

Assistant Professor Inorganic Supramolecular Chemistry,Metal driven se... View Profile

Dr Tanuj Kumar

Assistant Professor I am working in the field of Integral transform... View Profile

Dr Siva kumar Reddy

Assistant Professor Mechanical Behavior of Carbon nanotubes, Graphene,... View Profile

Dr Manmadharao Banki

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Nandam Ashok

Assistant Professor Optics... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Kotagiri

Assistant Professor Physics... View Profile

Dr Ranjan Kumar (Honorary Professorship | Book Editor | 1000+ Citations | Asst. Prof. at VIT-AP | Associate Editor | 20+ Publications | AD Scientific Index Scientist )

Assistant Professor He is mathematician in vit ap and also one of the ... View Profile


Assistant Professor Graph Theory: Coloring and Domination... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Arumugam

Assistant Professor Mathematical Biology, Theoretical Ecology, Nonline... View Profile

Dr Kamalesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Singular Perturbations, Numerical Solution of ODEs... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor Orbital Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Sabeel M Basheer

Assistant Professor Synthesis of transition metal and lanthanide compl... View Profile

Dr Archana Tiwari

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile

Dr Bibhab Bandhu Majumdar

Assistant Professor Computational biophysical chemistry, molecular dyn... View Profile

Dr Anil Negi

Assistant Professor Mathematics... View Profile